Are You Looking or Hiring for A Government Department Job? Get To Know Our Government Technology Specialist Ed Housden

Are you looking to secure a Help Desk, Project Management, Business Analyst, Technical Business Analyst, or IT Procurement role? Or are you a hiring manager struggling to find the right person to join your team? Either way, Humanised Group can help you.



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Our Government Technology Specialist Ed Housden looks after all things Government within our consultancy, hiring for Government-owned corporations and major state Government department jobs.

“I hire for anything from low-level help desk roles all the way to CIO roles and everything in between,” says Ed Housden.

Not sure whether the recruitment process is for you? Ed Housden works in a systematic manner, ensuring both his clients/companies and candidates are informed every step of the way.

“I find that the Government departments and how they interact, and their recruitment process is very structured, and I’m very process driven, so I think my strengths and the way Government departments like to recruit go hand in hand.”

Working closely with clients/companies for several years now, Ed Housden strives to fill all his Government department jobs with only the utmost and skilled professionals in the industry by taking the time to communicate with clients/companies to thoroughly understand the brief of each role. “The more information you’ve got, the better you’ll be at matching the correct people to the right roles.”

“I also do Zoom calls with all of the candidates I’m thinking about putting forward, and I do phone calls with everyone that applies while keeping the clients/companies updated on the process.”

Ed Housden‘s work ethic and passion for building strong connections, finding ideal employees, helping candidates secure the right roles, and, most importantly, providing transparency throughout the hiring experience is second to none.


Candidate testimonial:

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“Doing what you say you’re going to do is important. If you say to someone, you’ll have applicants to them by the end of the day, you’ve got to make sure that happens. And you’ve got to build trust and mutual respect with the clients/companies and the candidates as well which is what I do day in and day out. Being honest with the candidates is important too; if they’re not quite strong enough for a role, I’m honest and tell them.”

While offering a smooth, seamless, and quality experience for clients/companies and candidates is a must, it’s also necessary that we provide quick hiring turnarounds.

“It usually takes about four to five days from when we get the brief to when we submit candidates, and then the clients/companies can take about a week or so to do their internal shortlisting, interview period, and placement. Really, depending on the client, it can be anywhere from a week and a half to about two or three weeks.”


Ed Housden firmly believes that honesty in recruitment is the key to succeeding. “I believe it’s just my straightforward and honest approach to things. I do what I say I’ll do, I provide clear transparency through the entire process to both parties, and deliver the results.”


Have a Government question for Ed Housden? If you’re a job seeker on the lookout for your next Government department job, hiring to fill a position in this industry, or want to know more about this topic, reach out to Ed Housden at 0450 585 337 or!

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