IT & Telecomms, Software - Developer

**Not the right job for you? That’s okay, we are offering 1k to anyone you refer to us that we successfully place** 

About the company:

A strong global brand that has high brand recognition and an outstanding name in their industry. They are committed to helping clients unlock the business value of emerging technologies that are addressing REAL business problems with REAL business solutions. The company provides clients with a full suite of digital services, covering digital strategy, user experience, content, engineering and implementation across all platforms.

About you:

We are looking for someone who is capable of creating solutions and is always willing to put their hand up to help, you will be seen as a senior in the team. You will be delivering tangible benefits, helping squads to incrementally change their practices and to work faster and better. Ideally, you would benefit from having demonstrated experience with, Powershell, Python, Bash OR C# as well as Lambda and Containerisation.

You will have experience with the following: 

  • Demonstrated understanding of modern operational paradigms and how they can be leveraged
  • Working within complex and fast-paced environments
  • Experience with AWS and best practices
  • Strong Windows background
  • Experience implementing AWS Serverless and Containerisation solutions
  • Experience with full-stack development, and familiarisation with a variety of development languages and frameworks. 
  • Lead and advocate change management
  • Develop or select components that support architectural transformation (microservices, microlith, etc.) while incrementally removing dependency on legacy

Some of the perks

  • Free Friday Lunches (very generous, you should see how much they rack up on their bill)
  • Cultural days (culture days once a quarter, they are very transparent around the direction, there are quizzes & challenges to break up things – very interactive)
  • Across the main 3 leaders of these Departments, they are very progressive and have ushered in a new era of change that is kicking off now.
  • Relaxed WFH setups available

Please send any enquiries to
**Not the right job for you? That’s okay, we are offering 1k to anyone you refer to us that we successfully place**