Architect, IT & Telecomms

With over 3 years of work in the pipeline (up to 5 years), this role will play a key role in the implementation of an exciting new Digital strategy by providing technical expertise and governance to ensure the development, implementation and support of new innovative technologies.

This is a great opportunity to lead in to an Enterprise Architect position in the future

About the Company: 

This organisation truly makes a difference in thousands of young peoples lives. With offices across Queensland and over 400 employees you will be joining a collaborative team to develop and support innovative technologies.

Quick snapshot of requirements:

  • Infra and Apps knowledge – architecture
  • Work with SME’s and decide designs
  • “talk and engage throughout the enterprise”
  • Requirements gathering, documentation accessibility
  • Working with external consultants and internal SME’s

Key Responsibilities: 

  • You will play a vital role in implementing IT control framework and delivering the security and risk objectives aligned with the Digital strategy.
  • You will provide advice, guidance, and expertise to promote  the adoption of various methods and tools in accordance to policies and standards in a complex environment,
  • You will be responsible for managing reviews of the benefits and the value ad of methods and tools.
  • You will design, implement, and evolve the architecture operating model .
  • You will lead the team to develop and deliver frameworks and policies that support a secure and cost effective IT platforms.

Key Requirements for this role: 

  • You will have previous experience influencing the outcomes of enterprise solution architecture development.
  • Previous experience gathering, conceptualising and translating business requirements into technical solutions. 
  • You will have a strong understanding on software, hardware and infrastructure requirements. 
  • You will have previous experience developing and implementing frameworks and methodologies to achieve business objectives.


  • TOGAF certified
  • ITIL certified
  • Prince2 or previous project methodology