Business Analyst, IT & Telecomms

Senior Business Analyst (Assets and Works Management)

Primary Role:
Lead the uplift of Assets and Works Management (AWM) capability, focusing on implementing new technology, supporting organisational change, and improving processes.

Reports to: Project Manager

Key Responsibilities:

  • Gather and document AWM business requirements
  • Map current and future AWM processes
  • Support procurement and implementation of new technologies
  • Facilitate process design changes
  • Align AWM solution with ESRI GIS and other program priorities
  • Manage stakeholder needs and expectations
  • Support transition from legacy systems
  • Conduct change impact assessments and training needs analysis
  • Manage issues, risks, and benefits throughout the project

What is you need to succeed in this position:

Mandatory Experience:

  • Business Analyst role in AWM
  • AWM system implementation
  • Organisational maturity uplift and capability building
  • Change impact assessment and process improvement

Mandatory Skills:

  • Strategic thinking and critical evaluation
  • Requirements elicitation and management
  • Excellent communication and facilitation skills

Highly Desired:

  • Collaborative work experience in dynamic organisations
  • Project management skills in major system implementations