IT & Telecomms, System Administration

Systems Administrator (NetSuite ERP System)

Manage and optimise the company’s NetSuite system to support business operations and enhance efficiency.

Key Responsibilities (but not limited to):

  • Administer NetSuite user access, configurations, modules to streamline processes
  • Stay updated on new System features/releases and recommend upgrades
  • Analyse business processes, identify issues, and recommend process improvements leveraging the System
  • Ensure data integrity, compliance with policies
  • Manage System integrations and data flows with other systems
  • Develop and implement data migration strategies
  • Provide user training and support on the System
  • Customise the System forms, workflows, reports to meet business needs
  • Develop custom scripts, apps, integrations using the NetSuite platform


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, IT or related field
  • Experience as an ERP System Administrator (Preferably NetSuite)
  • Understanding of ERP systems, business processes
  • Knowledge of databases, SQL, data integration
  • Problem-solving, analysis skills
  • Communication, collaboration skills
  • System certifications preferred

Key Performance Indicators:

  • System uptime, performance
  • User satisfaction, adoption
  • Issue resolution time
  • Data accuracy
  • Process efficiency
  • System customisations
  • Training effectiveness
  • Cost-effectiveness