5 Ways a Recruitment Consultancy Can Help You With Hiring New Employees

In 2023 there are plenty of pain points hiring managers endure—filling senior roles, seeking urgent hires, hiring in today’s market, and having to spend a great deal of time finding the right person (just to name a few). If you’re a hiring manager, you can probably relate.

But what if we told you we could remove all your pain points today? Just like that.

Here’s how Humanised Group can help your business.



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A recruitment consultancy will:


1.    Save you time and money

Time is money. So essentially, having more time up your sleeve is ideal, and by working with a recruitment consultancy, you’ll save plenty of your time.

Example: Say you’re the leader of a company and you’re hiring for a position. You have 600 resumes come in for 1 job, and on average it takes you 7 minutes to review each CV; this can take you roughly 8-10 entire shifts to look through all of them.

And depending on how much your annual salary is (say between 200-400k), this can cost you anywhere from $6,000-$15,000 alone, not including the cost of the LinkedIn ad, the time spent interviewing or the loss of productivity as a result of being pulled away from your work duties (which could potentially surpass the $15k stated).

By letting a recruitment consultancy help fill your roles, you’ll have more time to further your business and give time to your existing employees with one-on-one catchups, check-ins, etc.

After all, posting job ads, sifting through CVs, and interviewing possible hires could lead to neglecting important tasks and your employees. So, think, is there something more valuable you could do with your time instead of going through the lengthy hiring process?

All in all, time = money, and we can save you from wasting your time.


2.    Give you access to great employees and resources

Recruitment consultancies have wide pools of qualified professionals to reach out to; unlike businesses, we’re not always starting from scratch to find that perfect employee.

We have the right resources, the right connections, and the right knowledge of where and how to look for the right person, making our reach much more expansive.

A recruitment consultancy has the ability to introduce you to more potential employees that you mightn’t be able to find by yourself.

3.    Save you from having the hard conversations

Having a discussion around salary can be tricky but with a recruitment consultancy, that issue can be immediately taken out of your hands. Before the employee even reaches the interview stage, a recruiter will inform that person of the salary range before proceeding to the next step to ensure everyone’s on the same page.

And if the potential employee advances to the final stage, a great recruitment consultancy will negotiate on behalf of both parties and come up with a mutually agreeable salary—doing the hard yards, so you don’t have to.

4.    Provide you with industry insight

If you’re the owner of a business, it’s likely you’re not focusing your time on hiring practices or the current recruitment trends but rather on your niche to make your services invaluable to your customers.

And if you’ve got a great recruitment consultancy working for you, they’ll be doing the same providing your company with invaluable insights to help you succeed.

Credible recruitment consultancies will understand what your business needs to know, who you need on your team, and will help you hire high-quality employees.

5.    Fill your positions quickly

Having vacant positions isn’t exactly ideal. After all, tasks need to be completed, and your employees might become inundated with responsibilities if they need to take on a previous employee’s workload. This is why recruitment consultancies benefit companies—they take the stress away of hiring employees and can do so with a quick turnaround.

With a recruitment consultancy, you won’t have to go through the tedious hiring process. Instead, consultants will streamline the process for you by providing end-to-end recruitment solutions, including job postings, screening, and interviewing.

They’ll do it all for you in a timely manner.

Want a recruitment consultancy to take away the long hours spent on hiring employees? Speak with us today, we’re always open for a chat!

If you work with a recruitment consultancy for any other reasons that we missed, feel free to share them with us; we’d love to know!

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