Insights From This Year’s PMDoS

Earlier this month, Humanised Group’s Division Manager Brian Maan and Principal Consultant Maddie Ford attended PMI Queensland‘s annual PMDoS (Project Management Day of Service) event and as a team we were lucky enough to sponsor the initiative once again! On the day we spoke to the President of PMIQ, Liezel Pieters MSc. PMP, to discuss the opportunities that the event creates for our community and about this year’s successful turnout.

“This is the eighth year that we’ve run this event in Queensland, and I’m very proud of that. This year we’ve had the most interest ever with 40 charities involved, which is our biggest intake so far,” Liezel Pieters MSc. PMP says.


PMDoS 2023


On the day, charities partner up with experienced consultants to work through their most challenging issues, spending one day around the table discussing solutions to their most challenging problems at hand. It’s all about helping charities that lack resources and skills or are short on time, for free. “This is where the Queensland project community get an opportunity to make a real difference using our skills and expertise!” Liezel Pieters MSc. PMP says.

“We have a team of consultants working with each charity to combine our expertise and brainstorm solutions—it’s exhilarating to work with colleagues from different industries and backgrounds to tackle difficult issues.”


Our Copywriter interviewing the President of PMIQ


Charities have expressed in previous testimonials that they’ve found PMDoS events highly beneficial for their organisation’s growth. “We’ve come up with some tangible actions that I can take away right now and implement tomorrow in our organisation, which is really valuable.”

While another charity said, “Being in the not-for-profit sector, it can be an easy trap to fall into the know-how and the same old so it’s good to get an external perspective, and you might just come up with that genius idea that could help solve a bigger problem that you’re trying to address at work.”

Liezel Pieters MSc. PMP adds, “We take some of the chaos that a charity may be experiencing and provide clarity and structure to enable them to make sense of their priorities, scope out a roadmap and help highlight the risks and issues they need to manage to achieve a positive outcome for their clients,” she says.


Some of the charities that took part in the annual initiative this year included Bravehearts, OzHarvest, Autism Queensland and a variety of organisations from different sectors that are committed to uplifting the Queensland community.

“We get people from charities coming back all the time saying, ‘this is what we achieved last year, and this year we want to focus on something else’, and our consultants continue to build on that at PMDoS.”

PMDoS is not only beneficial for the charities involved, but it’s also useful for consultants to take part each year.

“It’s an opportunity for project managers to really use their skills in a real-life situation,” Liezel Pieters MSc. PMP adds. “Charities benefit, consultants benefit, and we really see our skills making a tangible difference. That’s not something we all get to experience every day.”


Consultants volunteering their time at this year’s PMDoS


Does PMDoS sound like something you’d find beneficial?

“Every year, we try to improve to make the experience even more valuable for participants, whether it’s facilitating additional workshops to help charities clearly articulate their problems and challenges, or by offering additional services on the day like free headshots for charities and not-for-profits that they can use on their websites or social media. We always try to go above and beyond to keep the event interesting and exciting,” Liezel Pieters MSc. PMP says.

So, stay tuned for 2024! Although the next event is a full calendar year away, make sure that you register your spot early on the PMDoS website next year to ensure you don’t miss out!

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