Enhance Your Career Next Year

Are you looking for a new role next year? If you’re looking for career progression and have some long-term goals you want to achieve but are unsure where to start, here’s how you can start progressing your career in 2024.




1.     Establish your career goals

There’s always something we want to improve on at work. Whether that’s receiving a promotion and climbing the ranks, becoming an expert within a particular specialist area, or taking on more leadership responsibilities, it’s best to figure out which goals you’d like to achieve next year and having these mapped out first before you begin planning and putting this into action in January.

2.     Work on your personal brand

A personal brand can refer to two things:

  1. The impression you leave on people after an encounter
  2. And a strong, credible, and visible online brand

Brisbane-based Personal Brand Expert Suzie Lightfoot says, “Your personal brand is not just about creating a name for yourself. It’s about being true to who you are, what you stand for, and what you bring to the table. When you build a powerful and authentic personal brand, you amplify your reputation and influence.”

Improving your personal brand could lead to new job opportunities as a result. If someone sees your profile or speaks with you and discovers a unique difference, personality, or passion that makes you stand out from other professionals, this could easily lead to new possibilities.

3.     Don’t let fear get the better of you

Sometimes, our emotions can nudge us into decisions. If we’re driven by fear, we can get caught up in letting it rule our career choices. If you’re looking to enhance your career next year, grab every opportunity and make it a priority to push past your comfort zone.

You might be surprised by the success that will come your way once you leave your safety net.

4.     Upskill and engage in continuous learning

Upskilling is one definite way to enhance your career next year. Acquiring new skills that align with your industry, as well as hard and soft skills, will essentially help you advance and stay ahead of the competition.

Pair this with a commitment to ongoing learning such as diving into webinars, books, workshops, and informative events will work to expand your knowledge and broaden your expertise.

5.     Engage in more networking

More networking means more connections you can use in the future. Making it part of your plan to attend industry events is advantageous not only for continuous learning but also for broadening your network, which may bring about new opportunities. The more connections you have, the more doors it will open for your future.

Have a question for us? If you’re a job seeker on the lookout for your next role, a hiring manager looking to fill a position, or want to know more about this topic, contact us at Humanised Group! We’re here to help you succeed.

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