Can’t get a pay rise? Here are 5 perks you can ask for instead

Some perks are more important than cash.

Okay, so we’re guessing you’ve clicked because you’ve either asked for a pay rise and your manager came back with a definitive no, or you’re about to ask for one but are pre-empting a negative response. In that case, read our blog on How to Ask For a Higher Salary in The New Year to feel more confident about discussing this topic with your manager.

But, for those of you who have been on the receiving end of a no already, here are some employee perks you might want to ask for in lieu of a salary increase to remain satisfied at work.

1.    Training and up-skilling

If gaining new skills in your area of expertise is something you value, ask your manager for additional training or the possibility of enrolling in a course. Mention that this would help with your position in the company, adding value to the business and furthering your career progression. Although, if the business can’t fund your studies, then ask about opportunities to work on different projects or to learn from other colleagues.

2.    Performance bonus

If your company can’t give you a pay rise at the present time, then try asking for a performance bonus instead. You could arrange to receive a bonus at the end of the year if your yearly performance reaches a certain benchmark. This means you’ll only receive compensation if you’ve contributed more to the company. Hard work pays off.

3.    Flexibility (if possible)

Flexibility can look different for all types of businesses, depending on the industry you’re in. But if you’re in a sector that can embrace flexible working, why not ask your employer for it?

This could be a compressed four-day work week, flexible working hours, or a hybrid working schedule. After all, working outside of the core business hours and working from home has grown increasingly popular in the past few years—which could encourage your employer to consider it.

4.    Wellness programs

Maybe a salary increase is slightly out of budget for your employer, but you could ask for wellness and well-being programs to improve your lifestyle. This could be access to fitness centres or gyms, which will enhance both your mental and physical health, increasing your concentration levels at work.

5.    Additional annual leave

Saving up to go on a long overseas trip? Additional (unpaid) leave might be a great compromise to suit both parties. If extra holidays—on top of your four weeks of paid leave—seem like an excellent incentive to you, try asking for a few more additional days of leave.

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