How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out


Have you done everything you can to boost your LinkedIn profile?


What about:

  • Adding your skills throughout your profile?
  • Having recommendations?
  • And creating regular creative content?

There might be more you can add that you haven’t thought of.

To help you do everything in your power to appear on recruiters, hiring managers, and employer’s searches and to make opportunities happen for you, here’s how to make your LinkedIn profile stand out from the crowd.



1.     Add your skills

Putting in your key skills is crucial as this will allow recruiters, hiring managers, and employers know whether you fit their job brief. Just using a few industry words will make a difference as they can find your profile through the keywords and hashtags you use to describe your skills.

We recommend adding your skills throughout your LinkedIn profile, in your:

  • Headline
  • About section
  • And experience section

But which industry keywords should you use? It’s varies from field to field.

Review the job listings you’re interested in and identify the industry-specific terminology and skills and incorporate these keywords into your profile.

However, only use the skills and terminology keywords that apply to you and your experience.

Another way to find industry keywords is by reading articles or trending topics written by industry thought leaders and paying close attention to what words they consistently use too.


2.     Have a profile photo

A simple, but effective way to make your LinkedIn profile stand out is by using a profile photo. Did you know that having a profile picture will bring more views to your page than one that doesn’t have an image at all? According to the LinkedIn Talent Blog, just having a profile picture makes your page 14 times more likely to be viewed by others.

To get a professional photograph taken, either find a photography studio (somewhere that isn’t too pricey), get a colleague to help you, or attend a networking event offering a headshots service. However, make sure your face fills 60% of the frame—climbing the Himalayas might look great on your Instagram profile picture but an employer will want to see how you present yourself and what you look like in a professional setting.

And don’t forget to add a background image! This can be your company’s current logo, an award or accomplishment, or something that represents your field.


3.     Include recommendations

If you’ve had some great working relationships or have collaborated with industry professionals on projects in the past, encourage them to leave you a review to make your LinkedIn profile stand out from competitors in your field (because not everyone has personal reviews).

And if you receive one, why not leave a review for someone else you enjoyed working with and return the favour?


4.     Create thought-provoking content

If you make interesting, creative, and relevant industry posts on your LinkedIn that people will resonate with, then recruiters, hiring managers, potential employers, and your connections will find this consistent content engaging, separating you from other job seekers whose profiles might lack posts. It may also capture the attention of companies looking to fill a role who are seeking motivated people or a particular personality, bringing new opportunities straight to you.


For more on standing out from competitors in your industry, read one of our latest posts, ‘How to Differentiate Yourself from Other Candidates During Your Job Search’.



Have a question for us? If you’re a job seeker on the lookout for your next role, a hiring manager looking to fill a position, or want to know more about how to make your LinkedIn profile stand out, contact us at Humanised Group! We’re here to help you succeed.

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