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About the role

You will be required to deliver advanced technical support for the Cloud-hosted PaaS. This platform integrates contemporary IT tools and methodologies to expedite the delivery of adaptable, customer-centric business solutions. Embracing microservices architecture offers various advantages, including streamlined deployment and testing processes, heightened productivity, and enhanced flexibility and scalability for applications.

In this role you will:

  • Develop and uphold comprehensive technical expertise in system functionalities and services, encompassing a thorough understanding of business applications. Contribute to establishing and updating technical standards and support documentation.
  • Design and produce top-tier DevOps-compatible platform components that embed scalability, fault tolerance, and security, resulting in tangible advantages in delivery time and risk reduction, driving our digital transformation via REST APIs and Microservices.
  • Proactively identify opportunities for enhancing efficiency through automation of existing processes. Prioritise tasks and promptly resolve support issues of varying severity within designated timeframes, ensuring timely service delivery.
  • Promote best practices and provide hands-on technical assistance to foster Cloud proficiency among colleagues. Collaborate with quality assurance experts to ensure the adequacy of unit, integration, and functional tests for your deliverables.
  • Identify complex risks, issues, and improvement prospects, escalating them as needed. Document and manage intricate changes in compliance with established ITIL standards and procedures.
  • Cultivate robust relationships with internal and external stakeholders to uphold platform governance and security protocols. Perform additional tasks as assigned.
  • Consistently generate and update ICT support resources, including network diagrams, procedural guides, quick references, and training materials.
  • Primarily engage in the lifecycle patching activities for our microservice platform, utilising tools such as EKS, Trivy, Fluentbit, kube-bench, metric server, Nginx Ingress, etc.


  • Experience in least one of the following technologies Kubernetes, TerraForm, Kafka, AWS, CDC, or Qlik
  • Demonstrable knowledge and experience in the lifecycle patching required for our microservice platform
  • Knowledge of Cloud environment security best practices
  • High level of documentation skills
  • Proven ability to work autonomously and cohesively in a team-based environment
  • AWS Associate or Professional level certifications highly regarded.
  • Current and varied experience across public and private sector is highly desirable.

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