Perks you can begin offering your employees that won’t break the bank next year

We’ve all heard of the major employee benefits that companies are handing out to their stellar candidates, such as overseas trips, education reimbursements, and 100% paid healthcare premiums, but in reality, not every business can afford to give these to their employees.

So, for the smaller businesses, here are some benefits you can begin offering that won’t break the bank next year—which aren’t just work-from-home perks either.

1.    Early days

Early days should be noticed; they’re the next best thing to a day off. Implement these by giving your employees a monthly ‘go home early day’ to those who achieve great results or when you feel the team deserves it.

An early head start home will save your employees from being caught in traffic and allow them to spend more leisurely time with their families.

2.    Flexible hours

Each employee values a different work schedule. Some workers need to pick their kids up from school, while others find creativity strikes at all hours of the night. If you give your employees leeway with their work hours, they’ll appreciate how willing their company is to suit their work-life balance.

3.    Weekly lunches

The stress of having to pack lunch every day is real and not to mention difficult. After working 9-5 all week and completing jobs around the house on the weekend, it’s no surprise most people buy lunch during the week. To offer your employees a valuable perk, choose one day a week (to keep the costs low) and provide free lunches on-site during the designated day.

4.    Casual dress days

If your company has a strict dress code or uniform, then on occasion, let your employees come to the office in casual attire. Choose a specific day of the week or opt for once a month when there are no client or customer meetings so the entire office can wear their casual clothes and feel comfortable all day long—it’ll give them something to look forward to.

5.    No official work hours

Okay, we know this might sound a bit crass, but if you want to go above and beyond flexible working hours, how about having no official hours at all? Let your employees do their work at whichever hour or day they wish to complete it. As long as they’re meeting deadlines, the concept is successful. Take Netflix as an example, they’re a massive supporter of perks like these. The company operates without prescribed 9-5 workdays as they believe it’s necessary to take days off when needed.

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