Signs Of a Positive Work Environment

Being in a job that places an importance on creating a positive work environment and where employees are valued can be the difference between wanting to climb your way up the corporate ladder versus wanting to search for a new job.

If you’re looking to work for a new company and want to know what makes a supportive and positive workplace—to avoid wanting to find a new job—or are a business striving to better the work environment for your employees, here are some indicators and distinctive elements that we think set apart a positive work environment from a toxic one.

Just something to keep in mind as you search for a new job or run your own business.



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A positive workplace is one that:

1.    Encourages colleagues to congratulate one another

A positive workplace is an environment where employees appreciate one another and acknowledge their colleagues’ achievements—on a regular basis. Peer-to-peer recognition helps to build trust and a strong and healthy team environment, creating a sense of belonging.

Not only does championing one another’s work help to establish relationships in the office, which can promote teamwork, but it also improves a person’s performance where creativity and the want to strive for success are encouraged within the company. If a business champions teamwork and an ‘us’ motto, it’ll go a long way compared to a competitive environment.

2.    Has a sense of humour

Employees that laugh together stay together. Companies that don’t take themselves too seriously and know when to have a laugh creates an all-round positive experience and atmosphere for employees. A work environment where fun can be had (while also remaining productive) generates endorphins which can counteract any possible stress and depression and can make it feel like an enjoyable office to work in.

3.    Allows flexibility (if possible) and values health and well-being

Companies that allow employees to have a flexible work schedule (if it’s possible for their company/industry) whether that’s the flexibility to work from home on set days or the option to choose their own work hours, are respectful of their employees’ work-life balance which makes for not only a positive workplace, but a more motivated team. This can lead to increased satisfaction and engagement, improving the culture of a workplace.

And placing importance on employee well-being, whether through free psychology or fitness sessions, is also key to creating a supportive work environment. A workplace that understands the importance of these incentives and prioritises their employees’ welfare and happiness is a healthy culture that can foster a sense of loyalty and engagement in the office.

4.    Places an emphasis on office friendships

A supportive workplace also encourages positive and friendly relationships. If a company has genuine friendships within its four walls—you can count on it being a positive work environment and an inclusive, non-clique culture. These relationships can lead to increased collaboration, better communication, and a strong sense of teamwork, contributing to a more productive and happy office.

5.    Promotes strong but positive leadership

Positive leadership within a workplace can also contribute to a supportive and engaging environment. If positivity stems from the top of a workplace and is encouraged throughout, it can help set the tone for the other employees’ qualities and behaviours. Like a ripple effect, great leaders with a tendency to be understanding can promote overall positivity.

Want to see if a workplace is genuinely supportive and positive?

Check the likes of:

  • Glassdoor — to see honest reviews of the leadership and culture
  • Social Media — to see how a company has responded to past controversy
  • And their LinkedIn — to see how long their employees have worked within the company


These are just some of the attributes we think makes up a positive work environment… what elements do you think creates an engaging and supportive workplace?


Have a question for us? If you’re a job seeker on the lookout for your next role, a hiring manager looking to fill a position, or want to know more about this topic, contact us at Humanised Group! We’re here to help you succeed.

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