5 ways to calm your second interview jitters

Second interview nerves can get the best of us. So, you’ve made it through the first round *phew*, but now the pressure is on again, and you’re overthinking the next one. Starting to feel those jitters? We understand, but instead of succumbing to them, here’s how to calm yourself before your next interview.

1.    Prepare yourself

Preparing for your second interview differs from preparing for the first, which got you over that initial hurdle. Sure, you already know some of the people and how to get to the location but prepare for what other managers you might meet. Look through their website or on their LinkedIn page to get familiar with their names and faces; it can make it all the less daunting.

Other ways to prepare include researching common interview questions and how to answer more complex questions that weren’t asked in the first round. Try remembering what did and didn’t go so well in your first interview and prepare for what you can do better this time.

2.    Practise your answers

Feel more confident about your answers by practising what you’ll say on the day. Try this with friends, family, or in front of a mirror (as silly as this might seem, it can help ease your nerves and make you feel more confident).

You could even record yourself answering some common questions to see what you need to improve on, such as speaking more slowly or getting directly to the point. The more you practise in front of close friends and family, the more comfortable and confident you’ll come across in your interview.

3.    Connect with the managers

Making a connection in any of the interviewing stages is important—but if you’ve made it to the second round, you must’ve established some rapport along the way. In your second interview continue to build on this relationship, as it will ease any uncertainties or anxiousness you might be experiencing.

By forming a connection, the interviewer won’t only see you as a great cultural fit but will remember you with certainty when it comes to the next stage. To put your nerves at ease, remember that they’re trying to form a connection with you just as much as you are with them!

4.    Replace nerves with energy and enthusiasm 

Keep up your energy and enthusiasm. Remember how eager you are to land the role and maintain that same hopefulness and excitement you had during your first interview; this is an effective method to stop the second interview jitters. Replace the nerves with a willing attitude and approach each question they ask with a passionate answer.

5.    Remember that you’re an impressive candidate 

Remember to be confident and remind yourself that you’ve made it to the second interview! That in itself is a great endeavour and should give you a confidence boost as your skills and experience are paying off. Keep in mind that your potential future employer thinks you could be a suitable and qualified option for the role, so you should think so too. You’re slightly closer to getting your ideal job!

REMEMBER: Although building rapport and getting to know your interviewer is crucial in any interview, don’t get too relaxed to the point where you seem unprofessional—keep up that polished demeanour!

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