Ways to stay up to date in your industry

Those who have been in their field for years might think they know everything there is about their role—but the truth is we never stop learning.

To remain successful in our jobs, it’s essential that we keep evolving and growing within our industries and strengthening our skill sets to continue achieving exceptional results. So how do we do it? Read our round-up below to keep you from falling behind.

Network with industry professionals

Stay relevant in your field and advance your career by networking with industry professionals at events. Even if you’ve been in your job for over a decade, you’ll never stop making new connections which could lead you to the next stage in your career.

Find new contacts by attending in-person or online networking events such as meetups or informative seminars. This opportunity will allow you to exchange knowledge with experienced professionals in similar careers and learn about other opinions on current industry trends.

Use networking events to your advantage and gain insight into how other industry professionals overcome challenges and achieve success.

Subscribe to newsletters and online blogs

To expand your knowledge, research your industry’s most credible newsletters and online blogs. Reading articles will give you a fresh perspective on the latest news in your field and provide you with helpful suggestions that could assist your team with ongoing projects.

Subscribing to credible publications will automatically keep you in the loop with your industry, informing you with weekly or daily updates.

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If you want to take reading informative articles to the next step, have you considered additional studies? Prove your industry knowledge and stay competitive in your field with a certificate, diploma, or degree.

With further study, you can implement education-backed ideas and skills into your work and academically stay up to date with your evolving profession.

Follow experts in the field

Utilise social media and begin following known experts in your field. You’ll find that professionals thrive on helping others succeed.

So, if you follow their pages, you’re bound to find industry-related information such as trends within your line of work, opinionated pieces on topical content, ideas, information that could help you overcome work-related obstacles, and genuine advice to succeed.

But, if you’ve found there’s no more room to grow in your job, and you’re a big fish in a small pond, have you thought about changing roles or even industries? If you need a new change this year, contact us at Humanised Group, and we’ll help you find a role you’re passionate about.

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