Do You Experience These Hiring Pain Points? Our Recruitment Consultancy Can Help Your Business

We often talk about the current market and tips on securing new roles, but we don’t usually discuss why a recruitment consultancy could be beneficial for your business, with its main reasons being we’ll save you time and money.

When it comes to hiring, employers can often face plenty of challenges such as common hiring pain points. If you’re a hiring manager or employer who has gone through this tedious process many times before, here’s how you can best address this issue in the future…


Are you…



1.     Unable to find qualified candidates?

Have you tried to fill a role before and have found qualified candidates few and far between?

With plenty of candidates in the market, it can be tough to identify which professionals have the right skills and experience that you’re seeking for the position.

One way to find an employee whose skills will match what your business needs is by working with a consultancy that understands exactly what you’re seeking. A consultancy that specialises in your industry and has a thorough understanding of the professionals within this field and will be able to access their database and connections and find the right person you need.


2.     Finding the hiring process time-consuming?

An employer’s time is precious. Your time is your money, and looking at applications all day long can cost you thousands of dollars and pull you away from your work duties, costing your business even more.

Spending a huge portion of time hiring new employees is inevitable, so why not delegate this workload to someone who is experienced and has the time to sort through the CVs and interview the potential candidates? By working with a recruitment consultancy, you’ll be able to hand over this difficult and time-consuming task to someone you can trust who does this day in and day out.


3.     Struggling to choose a few top contenders?

Choosing a few top candidates and narrowing down who you need to interview is time-consuming, like the point above, and tricky to do. Selecting a few people who might be the best fit for your company regarding culture fit and skills takes time and effort.

But if you decide to work with a recruitment consultancy, they will do the hard yards of narrowing down the lengthy list of candidates for you providing a small list of their top few contenders that you can interview—saving you, of course, time but the effort and hassle of having to make snap decisions to narrow down your search.


4.     Unsure about the current market?

Are you unsure about the current market? It can change drastically from financial year to financial year, which is challenging to keep up with, but necessary.

A consultant’s job is based on knowing the ins and outs of the current market, and if you’re unsure about anything, a recruiter will be able to inform you—that’s what we’re here for.

A consultant can give you an idea of where the salary should be sitting within an industry, what candidates’ salary expectations are, and provide you with a benchmark of what the salary for a particular role is, helping to attract the right professionals.


Your solution:

Get in touch with a recruitment consultancy. We’re can take away your pain points and find you experienced professionals in a timely and stress-free manner, doing the research and hard yards so you can focus on what you need to.



What are your major pain points when it comes to hiring new employees? We’d love to help you address these and assist you with the process. Reach out to any of the team at Humanised Group today!

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