Introducing Our New Data Analytics and AI Consultant Hannah Watson

Are you looking to hire your next Data and Analytics specialist or maybe you’re searching for your next role in this space? Either way, get to know our new Data Analytics and AI Consultant, Hannah Watson—who can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.


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From left to right: Our Division Manager Brian Maan and our new Data Analytics and AI Consultant Hannah Watson.


Why did you decide to focus on data & analytics?

“I’ve always found data fascinating, because everything that we do is based off data. Data tells a story; I don’t think about it like numbers. You can really paint a picture with it and there’s deep insight. If you can look closely, and know how to string different pieces together, then you can uncover these hidden mysteries or diamonds, which you couldn’t previously see if you were just looking at raw data from a distance. But once you analyse it and think deep into it you can make really massive changes with just a little bit of analytics.”

“Data is everything. People think data is just maps and spreadsheets but everything’s data. Everything can be turned into something that can be analysed. You just need enough of it, and you need to know how to analyse it.”

“I really enjoyed making data informed decisions in my previous roles. Every decision I made I had to take the information in and analyse it first and so this interest has led me to want to help people find their next career step and companies find data driven professionals who can help improve their businesses.”

How do you see the data space growing here in Brisbane?

“In comparison to where Melbourne and Sydney are, Brisbane’s opportunity for growth within the data space is almost infinite. If you look where data was in Brisbane 5 years ago, 3 years ago or even last year it has come forward in leaps and bounds—it’s not going to slow any time soon.”


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Brian and Hannah at the latest Azure Data Services meetup networking with Brisbane data professionals.


What are you looking forward to achieving in your new role?

“I’m really looking forward to involving myself deeply in the data community here in Brisbane and looking forward to seeing people succeed in their own roles and watching their careers develop.”

“I’m excited to bring people together and see the data and analytics community grow. Not only is my goal to create something remarkable for my own growth, but I want to do the best for my clients and candidates so they can succeed in their roles too—it’s exciting.”

“A few jobs ago, I was a real estate agent, where I was dealing with the builders and the clients, getting a good taste of working the relationships on both sides which I can implement into my new role in data and analytics.”

“In that job I felt like I was building something, like being a part of the community and I think that’s what I’m excited about achieving for this particular role—being involved in a project from start to finish and seeing teams develop and the companies find what they are after.”

On a lighter and more personal note, where might we find you outside of work?

“I like to sit in the spa, have a drink, get some sun, and go to the gym. I like to live a healthy lifestyle but equally I like to indulge in some good food and go to nice places to eat. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it’s got to be good food!”

Is there anything extra you would like to add Hannah Watson?

“I would love to hear insights from the very best that have already hit the ground running. I have met some very experienced professionals within the data space and I’m now even more excited to continue gaining insights from leaders in the community. If you’re a data professional and wish to share your experience with me please reach out, I’m always happy to chat and continue to learn.”


Have a question for Hannah Watson? If you’re a job seeker on the lookout for your next role or a hiring manager looking to fill a position in the data and analytics space, don’t hesitate to contact her at 0431 713 352 or

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