Don’t have time to exercise? Incorporate fitness into your workday

As work and personal commitments take up most of our time, it can be challenging to get into the habit of daily exercise. We say we’ll go for a run when we get home, but it’s easier said than done, especially when reality hits, and laundry keeps piling up and we need to pick the kids up from after-school activities.

But rather than being hard on yourself for not making the time for fitness, take the opportunity to get your steps in during the 9-5 work hours instead.

Sneak a bit of exercise into your workday by:

Getting a stand-up or treadmill desk

Depending on how much fitness you want to gain during your work hours, you could opt for a stand-up or treadmill desk to get your blood pumping. Although standing doesn’t sound like much exercise, it at least burns more calories than sitting. While a treadmill desk is self-explanatory, keeping you walking throughout the day.

Taking the longer or more physically challenging route

You do it; we do it; everyone does it. We’re all guilty of taking the easy route (physically speaking), even if it’s slightly longer because an upward slope isn’t exactly enticing. But to challenge yourself and your fitness levels, take the incline instead of the easy way around every time; you’ll thank yourself later.

Walking around while you talk

Walk and talk. If your job involves making phone call after phone call, use this as an opportunity to get out of your chair and move freely around. Or instead of discussing work topics at your desk with your colleagues, try walking around the office.

Exercising your way to work

Why take the train when you can walk, run, or bike your way to work? Avoid the busy public transportation system and get some more steps into your day. You have to arrive at work one way or another, so why not use your commute to gain some fitness? Two birds, one stone. Implementing an exercise regime might also help improve your cognitive health, making you feel more productive and energised throughout your workday.

Going to the gym at lunch

It might be too much to go Every. Single. Day. But if you’re determined to get fit and start moving more, going to the gym at lunch might be what you need to break up your day and get those creative juices flowing into the afternoon.

Using your lunchtime to get fresh air

On busy days you might be more inclined to stay in the office but try and use your lunchtime to get into the routine of taking regular walks. Take advantage of having a spare half an hour or hour to yourself and delegating some of that time to fresh air and exercise.

Or, if you go for daily coffee runs, choose a café slightly further away to stretch your legs.

Finding colleagues who are passionate about fitness

Like anything, if you find a group of people willing to motivate you day in and day out, you’ll stick to it. Try and gather a group of your colleagues who are interested in fitness and attend some workout classes together before or after work.

Are there any other ways to incorporate fitness into the typical 9-5 workday that we missed? Let us know how you keep fit with a hectic schedule.

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