10 Things Successful People Do That Could Help Improve Your Life and Career

Are you looking to exceed your expectations in life and achieve success? One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is by drawing inspiration from accomplished individuals and learning from their daily habits.

We’ve gathered a list of 10 things successful people do that could help you achieve your goals that our Divisional Manager Brian Maan learnt from the podcast—The Mindset Mentor “The 8 Things Successful People Do”—and recently shared with our team. And of course, we wanted to re-share these tips with you (while adding a couple of our own!).

Things successful people do that you can implement into your schedule today:

1.     Wake up early

In the podcast, it’s said that 85-90% of successful people wake up early to work on themselves. Having this time in the morning before your commute to work can be the key to feeling productive because you’ve taken some time out of the day for yourself.

Once you wake up early, try:

  • Journaling
  • Reading
  • Stretching/yoga
  • Or walking to regroup your thoughts and recharge before the day starts

2.     Write down your goals

Studies have shown that people who write down their goals are ten times more successful than those who don’t.

Listing your goals and writing them down on paper and making these tangible and something that exists outside of your mind will help bring your plans to fruition.

Writing down your aims is the first step to executing these and watching your goals come to life.

3.     Have a strong work ethic

You get out what you’re willing to put in. Successful people are determined and have a strong work ethic because they’re motivated by something. To find yourself just as successful, figure out what drives you and cultivate your own strong work ethic. You’ll also need to be willing to invest the time to accomplish your ambitions.

4.     Exercise consistently

It’s no secret that exercise is one of the keys to success.

Putting healthy food into your body -> healthier mind -> healthier life.

If you want to see yourself succeed beyond measure, you’ll need to have the energy to do so, which is why many successful people work out as they find exercising gives them the energy they need to put into their work. If your body is in good shape, you’ll have enough energy throughout the day for brain power.

5.     Read a lot

Reading improves your cognitive function, which is a good enough reason alone to open a book more often! Successful people read because it expands their knowledge, with the average CEO reading about 60 books per year (non-fiction, self-help, and business books, etc.) to learn new information and excel in their field of work.

Just reading from week to week could put you ahead of the average person.

6.     Plan the week on a Sunday

Taking the time to plan the week ahead on a Sunday is what successful people do to organise their schedules. Look back at the previous week and think about what went well, what didn’t, and what you can improve this week to succeed. When mapping out your week, think about your goals, what you’d like to achieve, and what you need to execute.

7.     Talk to yourself positively

One of the many things successful people do is talk to themselves positively and with respect. Take the time to practise positive self-talk and form a great relationship with yourself to become confident and to succeed.

8.     Have mentors

Having mentors mightn’t seem necessary, but the average millionaire has seven mentors before becoming a 7-figure income earner. Mentors have the ability to teach invaluable life lessons quickly, providing you with the opportunity to swiftly apply these learnings and achieve your goals ahead of schedule.

Whichever your aim may be, whether that be a personal, work, or a fitness goal, find a mentor who has achieved significant results in this area and learn from the best.

9.     Don’t worry about failing

To be successful, you need to realise that failing isn’t something to be afraid of but instead a lesson to learn from. If you stumble, it will only teach you how to do something better next time. Successful people embrace failure to grow from it.

10.  Don’t stop

Three of the most important things successful people do is continue to push forward, find innovative ways to succeed, and overcome hurdles, constantly competing against themselves. The aim is to keep going and ultimately reach success.



*Success looks different to everyone (success means you’re achieving your own personal goals, whichever these may be).


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