Job hunting in December Has More Advantages Than You Might Think

It’s a common misconception that the job market shuts down over Christmas—there’s fewer jobs but that doesn’t mean that it closes come the end of the year. Even in December there’s plenty of roles that businesses are still looking to fill. If you’re eager to land a new role, our advice is not to wait until the New Year begins but to start your search now while you’ve got the advantage and the upper hand.

Here’s why:





1.     There’s less competition

Over the Christmas period, people are generally busy with social plans and festivities, with most putting their job search on hold until January.

With fewer job seekers active in the market than usual, this means less competition for you, increasing your chances of securing a role ready for the New Year—it’s beneficial for you to secure it now and start in January.

2.     Companies might have hiring budgets left and be less busy than usual

By the end of the year, companies could still have some of their hiring budget leftover that they need to use before the year is up, which could mean more open job opportunities are available in December than you’d realise.

Businesses are most likely winding down at this time of year for the holidays, which means they might also have more time to spare for interviews compared to the beginning of the New Year when work is flowing in from the holidays. Job hunting in December can be easier, speedier, and less stressful for everyone involved.

3.     It’ll show your persistence and perseverance

If most of your competitors choose to relax and postpone their job search until the following year, however, you decide to look for a new role during the festive season this will only show employers your determination and go-getter attitude. Remember that your efforts won’t go unnoticed if you continue job hunting in December and can only work in your favour as most employees will notice your dedication and perseverance.

4.     More networking opportunities

This time of the year is also the busiest time for social networking events! As the number of job seekers searching for new roles might drop, this can increase your chances of meeting plenty of new connections at events (as there’s less competition) which could possibly lead to a job in the New Year. And again, hiring managers will see how tenacious you are to secure a new role if you’re taking the time to search during the festive season when most begin to switch off.

5.     People are in cheerful moods

As the holidays draw near and workloads lighten, people generally find themselves in high spirits close to this time of year. In December, job seekers may notice that employers are more approachable and in positive moods, which could create an opportune moment to secure a position.



Working with a recruiter during this holiday period can also be highly beneficial for you to find a new role. We have the roles, contacts, and resources to help you secure a job and will provide you with support and guidance every step of the way.

And we’ve got plenty of roles we’re looking to fill before the New Year ticks over—just take a look at our job board. If anything piques your interest, feel free to reach out for a chat!

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