How To Decide Which Job Offer Is Right for You

1.    Think about your long-term career goals

Don’t just think about what you can do for the company but think about what it can do for you and your long-term career goals. Each job we take can impact our lives and our future long-term ambitions. Consider each role as a stepping stone to the position you want to achieve later on in life. Because a misstep could make your end goal more challenging to reach.


  • Will the job help me with my career progression?
  • Will I learn new skills in this position?
  • Will the job challenge me to achieve new heights?

2.    Consider your push factors

Considering what is pushing you to leave your current job could help you decide which job offer to choose and avoid repeating history.

Your push factors may encourage you to take any new role that pops up. But if you have multiple job offers to choose from, use your push factors to your advantage and decide which one of these jobs won’t make you feel that way again. Are you leaving your current role because of poor flexibility and benefits, high stress, challenging manager relationships, or something else?

3.    Is it the right fit for your skills and experience?

Do you feel like you could do the role justice? If you truly feel that you’re being hired for something you don’t have the experience for, may not be able to grow into, or is beyond your capabilities, then it doesn’t sound like the right choice.

Ask yourself:

  • Will I be confident in completing tasks efficiently, and will I be able to bring value to my role?
  • Do I have the skills or experience to match this job?
  • Will I be able to make this role my own?

4.    Try not to be persuaded by the salary

Valuing a salary above all else might lead to wishing you took another job offer. If you’re thrilled with the salary but not with the work culture, benefits, or something else that comes with the company, it might only work out in the short run. Being blinded by the salary could trap you into thinking it’s the perfect job until you realise it just isn’t for you.

So, before you jump in, consider what else the job (other than the salary) will provide you.

5.    Reflect on the interview

How did you genuinely feel in the interview? This is the best insight you will get into a company before working there. Reflect on how you were treated, what the interviewer was like, and how the employees reacted to you and your personality.

This can give you a rough idea of the companies you’re choosing between and where you might fit in best.

6.    And trust your gut instinct

As well as reflecting on the interview, how does your gut feel about these offers? Given what you know about the role, the company, and most importantly, the people, what does your gut genuinely tell you about each offer?

Sometimes it’s all we’ve got—and most times, it’s right. After all, the job has to suit your lifestyle, and you have to look out for number one first, so listen to yourself before you make a firm decision.

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