How to Create a Stand-Out Resume to Set Yourself Apart from Your Competitors

In a competitive landscape of job applications, creating a stand-out resume is vital to get anywhere. With employers sifting through countless submissions—some being very competitive CVs—the need to distinguish yourself is imperative in 2023, especially in the ever-growing Brisbane market.

We’ll guide you through some ways you can capture the attention of hiring managers with tips on tailored content and design practices to best elevate your resume and stand-out from the pile.

1.     Make your resume presentable

Ensure that your resume is presentable, clear, and concise so the hiring manager or future employer can easily read your experience without any issues.

Just by ranking your roles in chronological order with your current or most recent job at the top of the page and having each section in the same font and size, will result in a clean and organised resume that will effectively showcase your professional growth and qualifications.

2.     Include a convincing introduction

This section is one of the first parts on your resume a hiring manager will likely read from start to finish. The introduction also sets the tone for the rest of your resume, so ensure it’s quick to read and outlines your most relevant qualifications and experiences that they would need to know.

3.     Specifically tailor your CV to the role

Tailor your CV accordingly to the job you’re applying for. For example, if the role is based on targets, talk about what targets you’ve achieved in past roles to show that you can successfully reach these again. Essentially, look at the job description, daily tasks, and the needed experience section and start matching your achievements specifically to these.

Although tailoring your resume is an important part of submitting your application, ensure that you don’t exaggerate your experience or use false information, as this is unethical and will only backfire later. 

4.     Note the impact that your achievements made

Now that you’ve noted the achievements you’ve made and aligned this to the job(s) you’re applying for, discuss the impact these had on your previous workplaces.

Using numbers and data to provide the impact you created demonstrates your performance within previous roles and shows exactly what you’re capable of achieving in the future for another business.

5.     Use bullet points where you can

Create a stand-out resume with easy-to-read sections for hiring managers to skim. This will make all your important information easily digestible, not only making your resume look clean, presentable, and succinct, but also making the lives of the employers reading your resume easier—they’ll be thankful for it.

6.     Include your LinkedIn profile

Employers will most likely search for your LinkedIn profile to see if it aligns with your CV. Attaching a hyperlink to your LinkedIn profile is not only convenient but also gives insight into your professionalism.

7.     The real question: Headshot or no headshot?

There’s a debate on whether to include a photograph of yourself on your resume—some think it’s unnecessary, while others believe it can be helpful to put a name to the face. But in all honesty, it depends on the industry you’re in, and of course, the company you’re applying for.

If, however, you choose to include a headshot, don’t make it half the size of your resume, but keep it on the smaller scale! Your experience and achievements are much more beneficial for employers to read.

8.     Overall tip: Don’t rely on ChatGPT

If you’ve used ChatGPT before, you’ll know that it can sound quite repetitive and cheesy using words that you wouldn’t necessarily apply in certain contexts. If we can give you any advice, it would be to thoroughly re-read any information ChatGPT writes for you and carefully edit it in your own words.

Some sentences are obvious that it was crafted by AI, which might stand in your way of creating a stand-out resume, or worse deter you from landing an interview for lack of originality. Overall, use it as a tool but ensure that you’re not solely relying on AI.


Other tips we have for your resume is to avoid certain buzzwords. Take a look at what our sister company Just Digital People thinks you should deter from using in your CV with their blog, “whatever you do, don’t include these words in your resume.”



Have a question for us? If you’re a job seeker on the lookout for your next role, a hiring manager looking to fill a position, or want to know more about how to craft a stand-out resume, contact us at Humanised Group! We’re here to help you succeed.

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