How to Use ChatGPT to Prepare for A Job Interview

Did you know that you can use ChatGPT as your interview coach? While we’d still recommend practising a mock interview with a friend or family member (we can help you prep too!), ChatGPT can provide you with that extra bit of assistance when you need it, so why not use it?

AI can assist you in preparing for a particular role, helping you to pinpoint potential interview topics that a hiring manager might touch on which can help you build your confidence and become interview ready.


Why is it in your best interest to use ChatGPT for interview preparation? Because:

  1. You’ll be able to get a glimpse into what questions could be asked, which could lessen your anxiety.
  2. You can build on your confidence by using this interview-prepping process regularly.
  3. You can ask ChatGPT to improve your responses to convey your experience more clearly during your actual interview.


How to Use ChatGPT to Prepare for A Job Interview:

First, explain the job brief and other information you know about the role to ChatGPT.


The best way to use ChatGPT for a job interview is to provide the AI technology with effective prompts such as these:

  • I’m interviewing for a company, (give context to the business) what questions might they ask me?
  • What types of difficult questions might an interviewer ask me for this role that could be challenging to answer?
  • What creative and out of the box questions could be asked of me for this particular role?

Doing this will help you get prepared for questions that you mightn’t have thought about yet.

Keep in mind the more prompts you provide to ChatGPT the more it will generate questions, so don’t get overwhelmed—pick and choose the ones that are most relevant. After all, they just want to know about your experience, passion, and how you might fit into the team in a professional, confident, and clear manner.


Now that you’ve got an understanding of what could be asked, answer these questions individually, before asking ChatGPT how it might improve your answers—you can do this by simply asking:

  • Can you make these more effective and succinct? How would you suggest I convey this?
  • What else would you suggest I add to this answer to increase my chances of securing the role? What am I not addressing?

This will help you to answer the interviewer’s questions accurately and in a clear way.


If there are any questions that ChatGPT generates that you’re unsure how to answer, then ask the technology for help. Common areas that people often feel unconfident about could include:

  • Strengths and weaknesses

Ask, “What great strengths and weaknesses can I share that are relevant to my experience?” (Ensure you discuss your previous roles or copy and paste your resume, so the technology knows about your career background.)

  • Leadership

Ask, “How might I address any leadership questions in relation to this role?”

  • Questions for the interviewer

Ask, “What questions should I ask the hiring manager during the interview and how many should I ask?”

If you want to find more ChatGPT prompts to use for your interview prep, be sure to research these as there are plenty of resources and guides out there to help you!


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