Outnumbered In a Panel Interview? We’ve Got Your Back

Have you ever entered an interview to find not only one interviewer but two or three ready to fire questions at you? If this has made you a little insecure in the past, here’s how you can overcome this intimidation for your next panel job interview.


What to do if you’re facing a number of panellists:




1.     Prepare for different interviewing styles

If you find yourself in a panel job interview, it’s best that you remember each panellist has a different interviewing style. If they’re in different roles, they might focus on different areas to ask you about, such as your technical aspects, skills, or what you believe makes a great company culture. Keep in mind that while you might need to address the panellists differently it’s important that your responses remain consistent and you maintain the same level of enthusiasm for each interviewer.


2.     Ask each interviewer different questions

Make sure to ask all panellists one insightful and relevant question each. For example, if the CEO is present in the interview, you could ask where they see the company in the next five to ten years or how they see your role growing within their business.

If you’re having trouble thinking of questions, we previously wrote an article on ‘Smart Questions to Ask in An Interview to Increase Your Chances of Being Hired‘ that could help with your next interview.

Asking these questions also demonstrates your interest in specific areas within the business, and by building rapport with each interviewer, you’ll likely remain at the forefront of their minds when it comes to the second or third rounds.


3.     Ace your non-verbal communication techniques 

While you need to have excellent self-assurance in any interview, with more than one set of eyes on you, you’ll need to exude plenty of confidence when it comes to a panel job interview. Some of the key things you’ll need to remember are to maintain eye contact with each one of the interviewers while they’re speaking (while also listening to what they’re saying), have open body language, and maintain positive facial expressions.

Keeping these few things in mind while you’re speaking with the interview panellists will help you foster a connection, and, at the same time, it will show your confidence and convey how engaged you are in the conversation.


4.     Try not to think of how many panellists are present

Thinking too much about the number of people you’re being interviewed by might lead you to feeling stressed or nervous which can affect your chances of securing the role. If you start to feel this way, try to be calm by practising methods that work for you and ultimately remember the reason why you’re there in the first place.

The interviewers have chosen you out of a list of potential candidates because they know you have the right skills and experience. If there’s anything you need to remember when you’re outnumbered in a panel job interview, it’s that they think you’re important and worth their time.


5.     Send follow-up emails to each panellist

After your interview, we suggest emailing each panellist to thank them for their time and the interview. Sending a personalised message and tailoring it to each particular person will show your professionalism and dedication to securing the job.



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