Want To Have the Most Productive Monday Possible? It Starts with Your Weekend

Do you go to work on a Monday often feeling overwhelmed and swamped with work?

It can be challenging to overcome being stuck in a slump. But did you know the key to having a productive Monday and overcoming procrastination actually starts with your weekend?


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These weekend lifestyles might help you have more a more productive Monday every week:


1.     Let go of all schedules

The weekend is the time to let yourself be schedule-free.

Sure, plan your weekend with fun events or activities to look forward to but try to avoid overloading yourself with plans and a back-to-back schedule full of social gatherings and your children’s extracurricular activities. We understand making plans, so your weekend doesn’t just pass you by but try to avoid a strict schedule.

After all, the point of a weekend is to enjoy it, activate your vacation mindset, and remind your brain that today isn’t a workday.

Try leaving some downtime for when you need it—you’ll be surprised with how productive Monday morning can be if you don’t spend your weekend running around.

2.     Set aside time for housework

No one wants to do chores; they’re an ordeal. Especially on a sunny weekend when there are a million other exciting things you could be doing.

Rather than letting these chores take over your weekend, delegate a time for your housework and complete this as quickly as possible. This will leave you with the rest of your weekend to enjoy so you can feel refreshed starting the new work week.

3.     Get outside and exercise

It’s no secret that heading outside for fresh air and some exercise will help you feel energised, more positive, and less anxious.

As physical exercise is a great stress reliever, this can help you approach the week with a happier and healthier mindset making way for a more productive Monday. Don’t believe the science behind it? Give it a go and find out for yourself.

4.     Reclaim your Sunday

Instead of feeling the Sunday afternoon blues, make the absolute most out of your Sunday by extending that weekend feeling and planning a lunch or dinner to keep you looking forward to something. By drawing out your weekend, you can extend this feeling well into your Monday morning.

You can also try planning the week ahead with fun activities or events to look forward to, which is one of your best shots at having a productive Monday morning and week. Another way is to delegate time on your Sunday to planning your work week and what you want to achieve.

5.     Spend time with the people who are important to you

Using your weekend to spend time with the important people in your life is one of the best ways to detach yourself from thinking about work. The less you think all weekend about what you need to complete in the coming week, the more refreshed and productive you’ll feel on Monday, rather than drained and exhausted.

According to Forbes, here are some other weekend lifestyles successful people get up to during their weekends to have a more productive Monday and week. Take a leaf out of their book:

  • Pursue a passion
  • Head on a mini holiday
  • Disconnect from technology
  • Volunteer
  • Meditate
  • Reflect
  • Recharge
  • Engage in activities (gardening, sports, or cooking)


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