4 Ways to improve your resume with ChatGPT

Ever thought of utilising ChatGPT to help improve your resume? If you’re applying for a new role but think your CV is lacking in a few areas, try getting a second opinion from ChatGPT. If you’re pressed for time, it’ll help you form better-structured clauses, present your information more clearly, and help you identify what information you should focus on for each role.

However, remember that while this new resourceful AI tool can help you with refining your resume, it’s your responsibility to ensure the information remains honest and truthful.


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How can you best use ChatGPT to improve your resume?

1.    Give ChatGPT plenty of prompts

If you’re unhappy with how your resume sounds, try using ChatGPT to make it more cohesive and professional.

If you want to improve your summary, start by feeding it your background history. Type ‘write me a short summary of my experience’ and provide specific details about your relevant industry experience and education. If it generates you a few dot points, ask the AI technology to improve your resume by turning this into a short, simple, and concise paragraph.

Although, if you want to improve your resume’s experience section, ask the AI technology to create detailed dot points instead. You can generate a well-structured response by listing your daily tasks, responsibilities, and what you’ve achieved in your previous jobs. The more prompts and information you provide ChatGPT with, the more it will be able to form a well-put-together resume that aligns with your industry and conveys your expertise to potential employers.

Remember, it’s all about your prompts and how much time you’re willing to dedicate working with it.

2.    Gather the relevant information

Each job is different, and each industry has its own keywords that are important to that field. To improve your resume, we suggest taking the responsibilities and job description of each role you’re applying for and feeding this into ChatGPT to generate a few key points to fulfil the requirements of each job.

These suggestions may be helpful, but it’s also important to be discerning about which points you choose to include in your resume so you can best address your industry and the specific roles you’re applying for.

To highlight your skills, knowledge, and expertise you can also use ChatGPT to include particular industry keywords throughout your CV and asking the AI technology to re-write your resume with these words or phrases.

3.    Ask ChatGPT to refine your resume

If the foundation of your resume is written but it seems too generic, then you’ll need to polish your writing to sound more personable and ensure it’s aligned to your industry.

To make it more specific, ask the AI technology to write more accordingly to your field and past experiences. You can effectively do this by giving it more prompts by providing:

  • More details about the specific tasks you completed in previous roles
  • The value you brought to past jobs
  • And the initiatives you took on

You could also ask ChatGPT to tweak certain sections further. Keep in mind, before submitting you’ll need to edit the resume yourself to make sure it seems genuine and not computer generated.

4.    Ask ChatGPT for feedback

If it’s a free tool to utilise, why not use it to your advantage as your own personal editor? Ask ChatGPT for suggestions on how you might make your resume more succinct or tailored to your industry and if there are any other additional sections you could add that might make your resume stand out from your competitors.


Remember, no matter how often you put your resume into ChatGPT, you’ll always need to overlook and edit the final version of your CV to ensure it’s tailored to your experience and the jobs you’re applying for. Because while it can write a suitable and substantial resume and save you time, without your careful editing and personalised touches, it won’t stand out or land you an interview.

Have a question for us? If you’re a job seeker on the lookout for your next role, a hiring manager looking to fill a position, or want to know more about how you can improve your resume, then contact us at Humanised Group! We’re here to help you succeed.

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