5 Tips for Choosing the Right Recruitment Agency for You

Why choose a recruitment agency? Because we can help you:

  • Find high-quality employees and tap into large pools of talent
  • Have a quick hiring turnaround
  • Have a better understanding of the current market trends


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Here’s how to choose the right recruitment agency:


1.    Firstly, understand your own hiring needs

Before you look for a recruitment agency, think about:

  • What role you’re looking to hire
  • What personality might work best in the role and with your company’s culture
  • The skills you want your new hire to have
  • How many years of ideal experience this person should have
  • Whether you would need a permanent or a short-term contract role
  • The salary
  • The tasks this employee will need to complete daily

Answering these questions might help you begin your search and lead you to the right recruitment agency for your company. Having as much detail and information as possible about the role will also help a consultant find your ideal employee quickly.

2.    Choose the right recruitment agency that aligns with your budget

When considering your budget, keep in mind that choosing a cheaper agency doesn’t mean you’ll save money in the long run. Selecting a cheaper option that isn’t specialised in your industry may lead to taking too long to find the right recruit or not finding the right fit at all and end up costing you more.

Our advice? Expect to pay a premium for quality.

Initially you should start by looking at the recruitment agencies that have a proven track record of gaining results for their clients. One way to ensure if an agency is commendable is to check their testimonials which we’ll talk more about in our next point.

3.    Check the credibility of the agency

When deciding which recruitment agency to choose, it’s vital to consider the credibility of the agency.

  • Is the website professional?
  • Does it provide relevant information about their company and services?
  • Can you find a legitimate phone number and address?
  • Are there testimonials available from job seekers or companies they’ve worked with, and do they have positive experiences to share?

We recommend reading a company’s testimonials before committing, so you can get an insight into the company you’re considering working with. If the majority of the testimonials are positive recounts and show that the consultancy delivers on their promises while maintaining a high standard of professionalism, then you’re one step closer to finding the right recruitment agency for your company. You’ll also get an insight into how they might work and what your potential partnership could look like.

4.    Ensure the agency has the right specialisation

As said above, to find the right recruitment agency, you’ll need to ensure the business specialises in the field of your next hire. Because a recruiter who doesn’t have the right foundational knowledge is likely an unsuitable choice.

Having a recruitment agency that understands your industry is in your best interest and is crucial for you to onboard an experienced professional who has the knowledge and ability to effectively handle specific challenges and navigate the complexities of the job.

You can make sure the recruitment company specialises in your field by meeting in person and asking how many years of experience they have recruiting within your industry and conversing about the latest evolvements in your field.

5.    Ensure you’re comfortable with the consultant

Once you’ve found a credible agency, it’s also crucial to establish a strong rapport and trust with the consultant you’ll be working closely with. Forming a connection will make communicating easier, enabling the consultant to better understand what you’re looking for in an ideal employee and in finding someone who is not just excellent on paper but also a perfect cultural fit.


Have a question for us? If you’re a job seeker on the lookout for your next role, a hiring manager looking to fill a position, or want to discuss this topic further, contact us at Humanised Group! We’re always happy to have a chat over the phone or meet in person for a coffee.

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